Wedding at Fortetsya


Is there anything better than mutual LOVE? When the hearts beat together, when the eyes sparkle with mutual feeling, when tenderness overfills to the extent that you are ready to present the loved one the sky and stars! This is the time when the Angels whisper, “You are meant for each other”. And then, regardless the wedding would be full of luxury and ringing of crystal glasses, or intimate and romantic, or with a train of happy years together, all these moments should be memorable and joyful.

Our restaurant for wedding offers any scenario: a field ceremony near Kyiv, banqueting halls for wedding, or a restaurant with child room.

Little Guests of your celebration at Fortetsya Hetmana can enjoy the Child Room, the Child Centre, children’s entertainment programs, children’s master classes, open-air playground as well as many other interesting secrets in the corridors of our castle.

Умови проведення банкетів

Гетьманська зала, до 200 осіб:

  • кондиціювання
  • найбільший камін в м. Києві
  • трансляція з ваших носіїв
  • озвучення, світломузика
  • музикальне обладнання
  • великий “Танцпол”
  • сервіровка на круглих та прямокутних столах
  • схеми розміщення

We will do everything to make you and your Guests feel comfortable and prevent anything from interfering your celebration.

We have a SUPER OFFER for Newly Weds!

Додаткові послуги:

  • фольклорні, музичні колективи
  • ведучі свят, аніматор, артисти

Fortetsya Hetmana grants newly weds the following:

  • Chambers for their wedding night*
  • Leisure activities for children

* provided that the wedding banquet is held for 40 persons and more

Restaurant service:
(068) 577-97-97, (096) 337-37-69,


103 Instytutska Str., the Village of Hatne,
Kyievo-Sviatoshynskyi District