As an out of town tandoor restaurant, Fortetsya Hetmana offers the best out of town recreation!

Everyone knows that dishes cooked on “live fire” are special, healthy and have unmatched taste. Fortetsya Hetmana has three tandoors where we roast meat, fish, vegetables and even bake bread!

Tandoor is an eastern stone stove made of special kind of clay. The tandoor works according to the following principle: Firewood or charcoal is put inside and set on fire to heat the system to the maximum temperature. Then meat (poultry, fish, game, vegetables) is loaded vertically on long mounted skewers, and is evenly roasted due to flow of heat from the walls of the tandoor. It allows fast and even roasting and preserve as much juiciness of the cooked product as possible.

Tandoor stove is a perfect alternative for modern chargrill! That is why Caucasian cuisine restaurant is the spice of Fortetsya Hetmana’s services!

Restaurant contact information:
+38 (044) 337-37-69, +38 (068) 577-97-97, grk.getman@gmail.com


103 Instytutska Str., the Village of Hatne,
Kyievo-Sviatoshynskyi District