Elite restaurant of Fortetsya Hetmana Complex offers organic cuisine with the most delicious dishes for your enjoyment and your health!

We position ourselves as the tandoor restaurant, the Ukrainian cuisine restaurant, the Caucasian cuisine restaurant, the European cuisine restaurant, and the vegetarian restaurant near Kyiv. All dishes are cooked of organic and natural product from our partner farmers (Carpathians, Regions of Odesa, Ternopil, Kyiv) with artesian water (on-site water well with the depth of 154 m) in tandoor stoves, on grill, and in smokeries.

Our menu will allow you to find dishes enjoyed by historic Ukrainian elite of 16th–20th centuries and modern dishes in original serving.

In our own shops we prepare the following food products for you

Meat products (smoked, baked, stewed)

balyk porklings
rolls lambs
crispbreads turkeys
bacon chickens
salo ducks
nuremberg sausages ham
home-made sausages baked ham

Straight from Carpathian mountain valleys

sheep brynza forest berries
cow brynza jams
vurda herbal teas
sulguni porcini mushrooms
butter girolles, honey fungi

Fish products (lightly salted, smoked, stuffed, baked, fried)

stuffed lightly salted baked and fried
sturgeon river trout 5 species of sea-fish
(delivery from Odesa every 2 days)
pike-perch smoked trout river trout
pike atlantic salmon pike-perch
carp scomber lake fish

Drinks according to old Ukrainian recipes

alcoholic tinctures cold tonic beverages
Khrinovukha (horseradish vodka) Uzvar
Kalganіvka (tormentil vodka) Cranberry fruit drink
Home-made Brandy Ginger Lemonade
Becherovka Lemond Rosemary and Lime Lemonade
Becherovka Cordial
Becherovka Traditional

In-house pickling

cucumbers eggplants
tomatoes apples
pepper plums
cabbages grape
cauliflower watermelon


pastry baked apples
cakes strudel
pancakes bread
cheese cakes buns
no yeast bread

Dear Guests, you may taste all our products in our restaurant or buy them in our store, or order the home delivery.

Restaurant & Store: (068) 577-97-97,
Product delivery: (096) 337-37-69, (068) 150-08-45

We work honestly and our exchange is honest:
From us to You: delicious and useful food, pleasure and enjoyment.
From You to us: sincere smile, gratitude and follow-up visit.

Hetman himself takes meals at our place, we do and welcome you to, as our dishes are only for health and enjoyment!


103 Instytutska Str., the Village of Hatne,
Kyievo-Sviatoshynskyi District