Child care

Out of town restaurant with child room, Fortetsya Hetmana invites the little ones, pre-schoolers and a bit older kids to our Educational and Entertainment Child Centre.
We have entertainments, interesting conversations, as well as educational and development programs.
It’s a place to jump, sing, study and develop through the game!
We have children’s entertainment programs, theatrical performances, educational discussions, master classes for children, etc., on weekends. Restaurant for children offers the special children’s menu with all the dishes being tasty and healthy, as it is based on the organic cuisine that ensures health of your children!

Child Centre premises is divided into three areas:

Training Area


Training Area includes various master classes, topical lessons.

Labyrinth Area


Labyrinth Area develops mental agility, flexibility and quickness of children’s reactions.

Entertainment Area


Entertainment Area includes dry pools, slides and small houses.


Without a doubt, kids receive a good deal of pleasure while playing in our 2-storey labyrinth with nets, colour balls, and ladders. They can safely jump, crawl, play the Jungle, becoming little Mowglis :)

You can leave your children in care of our nanny with no worries, as we have a nice trick, the Parental Video Control. Parents may comfortably spend their time in one our restaurant halls or take health care procedures in the Russian Sauna, at the same time using their smartphones to watch what and how their kids are doing.

And if you need an interesting place to celebrate a child’s birthday, Fortetsya Hetmana is the one. Children will find themselves in the atmosphere of a real castle: we will take them through corridors of our Fortetsya, show them places where knight guards of dreams live, and maybe children will succeed to hear the Ghost of old Hetman walking along the corridors of Fortetsya... Believe us, such experience remains in memory for the whole life! And that is not all. We have a beautiful court with the playground and swings for funny quests, while little gourmets will enjoy the special Children’s Menu with simple but tasty dishes.

And if you are very busy parents, we will help you to arrange children’s party. We will choose an interesting program, decorate the hall and compose a menu.

Out of town holiday for the whole family will bring you joy and pleasure!



Call us, come to visit, order a party!
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103 Instytutska Str., the Village of Hatne,
Kyievo-Sviatoshynskyi District