About us

Fortetsya Hetmana is a wonderful hotel and restaurant complex near Kyiv! It has everything to astonish, amaze and create a desire to come back again! When finding yourself at our Fortetsya, you will lose track of time, as unique architecture, majestic interior, rich hand-made décor and historical artefacts of ancient Ukraine that replenish our complex will captivate you from the first moment. You will find yourself in another historic era, feel its moods and unwittingly experience all the historic landmarks with Cossacks and Hetmans. You will receive an exclusive time off near Kyiv!

When entering our castle hotel, Guests notice historic heroes watching them vigilantly from the old paintings.
Four towers of our fortress serve as majestic keepers of peace of our Guests, as soon as large forged doors to the chambers are closed, you will feel yourself a hetman, a king or a sultan who used to win love of beautiful women, be long-expected from campaigns, gain trust and confidence of the people.

Fortetsya Hetmana is the famous hotel and restaurant complex on Odesa Highway near Kyiv (450 m) that always keeps its retro restaurant doors open for Guests offering them: Ukrainian national cuisine, Caucasian cuisine, vegetarian cuisine, European cuisine.
Our complex includes the Child Centre and the Child Room to provide time off for parents with children. There is a playground where master classes for children, children’s entertainment programs, children’s educational animation are held, as well as many other interesting things.

From the author of the project

There is no country in the whole world that experienced so many wars, so many sufferings as the Ukrainians did. Despite anything, the Ukrainians never lost either their honour or love for their long-suffering Motherland, or desire for freedom and independence. Kindness and decency, hospitality and sympathy are those national features that were permanent attributes of Ukrainian people.

The people who do not know their history have no future

M. Hrushevsky

Decoration of the halls with historic content is the gratitude to our ancestors who fought for Ukraine’s independence.

Cossack era was the complicated and the most progressive period of our nation.
We aimed to remind our generation about those glorious achievements of our ancestors and urge all patriots to unite around the idea of revival of the Great European State, Ukraine.

Fortetsya Hetmana hotel and restaurant complex was built as a token of gratitude to our glorious ancestors and their contribution into the development of Ukraine.
Fortetsya Hetmana Complex reflects the history of Cossack era of Ukraine with its great glory and history with its own heroes from whom we should look up to, be proud of them and continue building Ukraine as the strong, glorious and beautiful state.

Architecture, design, national cuisine and music will help you better discover Ukraine, its history, culture and traditions.

Our boutique hotel near Kyiv is decorated and dedicated to historical figures that contributed to Ukrainian history. There are hetman’s, king’s, tsar’s, sultan’s chambers.
Fortetsya Hetmana out of town restaurant offers banquet halls for celebrating significant events and cosy time off.

Valerii Halan

Our strong points



Architecture and design of the complex are spectacular! Built in retro style, Fortetsya Hetmana also features all premises of the fortress arranged with hand-made decorations (natural wood, forged elements, artefacts of those times, fabric) that give the complex a sense of uniqueness and unmatched charm.

Our Medieval castle near Kyiv is arranged in historic style and brings us information about legendary Cossack hetmans and famous members of royal families who communicated with hetmans.

Believe it, finding yourself in an ancient historic era is a pleasure worth experiencing, and our hotel and restaurant complex near Kyiv is only 450 m away. Come visit us!



The priority area of Fortetsya Hetman restaurants is organic cuisine and healthy cooking. We receive all product for our restaurant from private farms located in ecologically clean regions of Ukraine (Carpathians, Bukovina, Zakarpattia, Region of Odessa).

Our in-house shops produce various food products for our guests: meat products, fish product, pickled products. Especially appetising products come from Carpathian mountain valleys: cheeses (brynza, vurda, sulguni), home-made butter, mushrooms, herbal teas, berries and home-made jams.

Our restaurant near Kyiv positions itself as the tandoor restaurant, the Ukrainian cuisine restaurant, the Caucasian cuisine restaurant, the European cuisine restaurant, and the vegetarian restaurant.

All dishes are cooked with artesian water (on-site water well with the depth of 154 meters) in unique tandoor stoves, on chargrill or in smokery, since dishes cooked on “live” fire are incredibly delicious, have special energy and are good for health.



The following are available for comfortable time off of our Guests:

  • Restaurant with up to 250 seats
  • Banquet halls for 12 to 50 seats
  • Organic café up to 50 seats (vegan and vegetarian cuisine)
  • Boutique hotel (27 retro style suits)
  • Child Centre (playing, training, entertainment areas)
  • Conference halls
  • Russian sauna
  • Fitness centre
  • Chapel
  • In-house products store
  • Wi-Fi
  • Parking lot for 100 cars
  • 24/7 security


103 Instytutska Str., the Village of Hatne,
Kyievo-Sviatoshynskyi District