Chambers of Countess Zofia Potocka - De Luxe


26 m2

1 double

The suite includes:
- sleeping space
- lounge space
- anteroom (wardrobe and rack)

The suite features:

  • Biography of the historical character that inspired the suite
  • Air conditioning
  • Satellite + Internet TV
  • Phone
  • Mini-bar
  • Desk and chair
  • Coffee table and 2 chairs
  • Vanity table with a mirror
  • Safe box
  • Bathroom with the shower unit
  • Bathrobe, slippers, mini perfumery

Additional services (included in the suite price):

  • Breakfast
  • Fitness centre
  • Parking lot
  • Wi-Fi

Zofia Potocka

Born in the City of Bursa in 1765, she died in Berlin in 1822.

Constantinople courtesan of Greek origin, she was the sultan’s concubine according to one of the legend, cohabitant of many famous people, the spy and the adventuress who managed to become the Polish noblewoman (countess by title).

- 1777: Mother sold her 13-year daughter Dudu (Zofia) at slave market in Istanbul.

- 1778: Zofia became mistress of Ambassador Karol Boscamp-Lasopolski.

- June 14,1646: Zofia Clavone entered into marriage with J?zef Witte against his parents’ consent.

- 1781: During her travel around Europe as J?zef Witte’s wife, she got acquainted with King Stanis?aw August Poniatowski of Poland, King

Frederick ІІ of Prussia, Emperor Joseph II of Austria,

Queen Marie Antoinette of France as well as her future husband, Polish magnate Stanis?aw Potocki.

- During 1787–1790s, she managed to get acquainted with Grigory

Potemkin, Saltykov, Catherine II.

- 1796: marriage between Zofia and J?zef Witte was officially dissolved.

- Zofia de Witte and Count Stanis?aw Potocki entered into marriage in the church on April 17, 1798.

- 1805: Stanis?aw Potocki found out about his wife’s adultery with his eldest and the most loved son Jerzy Potocki.

- Zofia was presented with expensive gifts for her merits. Catherine II presented her diamonds and several Belarusian villages. Large Greek settlement of Massandra, lands in Simeiz and Maskhor, cottage not far from Simferopol and beautiful palace in Petersburg were presented to her by her lover Grigory Potemkin.


Zofia gave birth to two sons within her first marriage to J?zef Witte. In her second

marriage to Count Stanis?aw Potocki she gave birth to 8 children.

Zofia Potocka’s name is connected to three tourist wonders of Ukraine:

Sofiivіska National Arboretum in Uman, Kamianets National Historic-Architectural Reserve and Khotyn Fortress.


103 Instytutska Str., the Village of Hatne,
Kyievo-Sviatoshynskyi District