Chambers of Hetman Demian Mnohohrishny’s - Semi-Luxe


21 m2

2 single beds 200х90 cm (transformable into 1 double bed)

The suite includes:
- sleeping space
- lounge space
- anteroom (wardrobe and rack)

The suite features:

  • Biography of the historical character that inspired the suite
  • Air conditioning
  • Satellite + Internet TV
  • Phone
  • Mini-bar
  • Desk and chair
  • Coffee table and 2 chairs
  • Safe box
  • Bathroom with the shower unit
  • Bathrobe, slippers, mini perfumery

Additional services (included in the suite price):

  • Breakfast
  • Fitness centre
  • Parking lot
  • Wi-Fi

Demian Hnatovych Mnohohrishny (1631, Korop–1703, Selenhinsk)

The 3rd leader of the Left-bank Hetmanate (1669–1672). Colonel of Chernihiv. After deportation to Moscovia, he was the commandant of garrisons in Buryatia.

In 1668, as adversary of the Truce of Andrusovo, Demian Mnohohrishny participated in the anti-Moscovian uprising that was led by Ivan Briukhovetsky.

On December 17, 1668, election council gathered in Novhorod-Siverskyi. Thus, with the help of companions, Mnohohrishny was elected Hetman of Siversk and swore allegiance to the Tzar on his own behalf and on behalf of all officers. However, considering doubtful circumstances of the “free elections”, Moscow had not recognised his title until council in Hlukhiv.

Demian Mnohohrishny tried to pursue policy aimed to protect state interests of Ukraine:

- He managed to secure preservation of Kyiv and its neighbourhood as part of Left-bank Ukraine despite the Truce of Andrusovo terms;

- He relied on company regiments and aimed to strengthen hetman’s authority

by gradually weakening political role of Cossack officers;

- He secretly negotiated with Petro Doroshenko about possibility

for Left-bank Hetmanate to come under protectorate of the Ottoman Empire.

Such policy aroused displeasure of the part of the high rank officers and the Moscovian government. Overnight into March 13, 1672, Cossack officers arrested Demian Mnohohrishny in Baturyn and extradited him to Moscovia representatives.

- Hetman was brought to Moscow with the court case opened in mid-April 1672. He was accused of treason against the sovereign, put to torture and then sentenced to death, which was later replaced for life imprisonment. Hetman was escorted to Buryatia and imprisoned in Irkutsk prison.

- In 1688, Demian Mnohohrishny was freed from imprisonment. Buryat liberation army laid siege to Selehinsk for eleven month with its troops far outnumbering the Selehinsk occupation garrison. The former Hetman became one of the leaders of the city defence, personally took part in raids and engagements, and took charge of joined detachment of riflemen, Cossacks at the crucial moment. The bloody battle began to end with the victory of the Cossacks. The former Hetman took monastic vows in 1696. He died in Selehinsk in 1703.


103 Instytutska Str., the Village of Hatne,
Kyievo-Sviatoshynskyi District