For those who wish not just to visit Ukraine but experience its culture, history, hospitality and Ukrainian national traditions Hotel complex Fortetsya Hetmana offers:


Night in the Chambers - Cossacks, Hetmans or Kings,

depending on in which role you want to image yourself.

Each hotel’s apartmentsis individual and dedicated to outstanding historical figures of the Ukrainian Cossacks time.

The interior is designed in a way to describethe character, tastes and special attributes of the historical hero in the best way.

Only natural materials are used in decoration, to recreate the historical spirit and provide and healthy relax to our guests.

However, there are modern benefits of civilization: Wi-Fi, satellite TV, air conditioning, modern appliances and plumbing, home textiles and perfumes.

Healthy and organic food

There are dishes of National Ukrainian, Caucasian, European and vegetarian cuisine in our menu.

We use only ECO products in cooking- fresh, organic meat, fish, milk, cheese, eggs, seasonal fruits and vegetables, Carpathian mushrooms.

We use crystal artesian water for our dishes and homemade drinks. All our dishes (fish and meat) are cooking on open fire and tandoor oven. Also we can propose our homemade pickled vegetables, Smoked sausages and meat. Our bread is made under the 19th century receipt.


The worldwide famous and excellent Ukrainian Folklore songs and dance.

We have prepared a folk-song program by famous creative bands for you.

You can become a direct participant of Ukrainian folk rituals, enjoy expression of Ukrainian folk dance!

Relax for body and soul

After a busy day you can relax in the firewood-heated Russian sauna with the tea ceremony of Carpathian herbs and honey.


«Фортеця Гетьмана» - це незабутній відпочинок для тих, хто цінує якість та оригінальність; хто турбується про власне здоров’я; хто бажає дізнаватися про історію України та її традиції; хто поважає наші корені та культуру.


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103 Instytutska Str., the Village of Hatne,
Kyievo-Sviatoshynskyi District